Higher education administrators cope with academic, business, and political challenges as a matter of routine. As a partner to clients in large university systems, small colleges, and for-profit education, Jaffe Dickerson Legal and Consulting provides experienced counsel and advising on a broad range of legal matters.

An Education Attorney

Jaffe Dickerson has been representing educational entities for more than three decades. Jaffe is expert in the art and science—and business and politics—of education and education law, with clients at all levels from Early Head Start through graduate and professional programs.

Jaffe’s services include legal representation for public and private educational institutions, strategic advising for educational bodies at all levels, and legal consulting and strategic advising for educational agencies. He also provides strategic guidance on faculty and student relations and integrating campus support organizations. When necessary, Jaffe provides skilled and trusted mediation as well as investigative and reporting services. He is known for discreet and thorough fact-finding and rapid, no-nonsense reporting in compliance investigations (including Title IX), faculty and academic affairs investigations (e.g., complaints of harassment, differential treatment, or denial of tenure), arbitration, and other matters.

Driven to Help All Aspects of Higher Education

Jaffe Dickerson is committed to the success of higher education institutions. His clients have included community colleges, private and public colleges and universities, for-profit institutions, and graduate schools. In addition to institutional support, Jaffe provides counseling and representation to the raft of nonprofit student and other auxiliary organizations that are part of campus life. With his expertise in nonprofits, he can help these bodies strategically coordinate their work to support the institution’s academic mission and services, find and leverage alternative revenue streams, and develop planned giving.