It’s hard work launching a nonprofit, and even tougher to keep one running year after year. Even with the best marketing efforts, many people who donate in the first year of launch will not return in the second year—and only a small proportion of supporters will sign on for recurring donations. Keeping your doors open and services flowing requires creative, strategic thinking about all the assets at your command.

Experience with All Aspects of Nonprofits

Jaffe Dickerson Legal and Consulting has deep experience helping nonprofit organizations identify and optimize their alternatives for new, dependable, lucrative revenue streams. This can include leveraging existing assets—whether tangible, like property or signage, or intangible, like skills and capabilities. It can also include guidance on how to make planned giving available to your supporters and incorporate it into your nonprofit’s culture.

Many Missions, One Advisor

Drawing on his deep experience in nonprofit law, Jaffe Dickerson provides strategic and legal counseling tailored to an organization’s mission and market. Not every approach is right for every group—Jaffe can help your organization find the path that is true to its vision.