Jaffe Dickerson Legal and Consulting provides management development for employers, nonprofits, and educational entities at all levels and sizes. These programs can be tailored for individuals or small groups, and cover critical topics such as alternative dispute resolution, prevention of violence in the workplace, performance management, executive employment agreements, and executive development.

Supporting Executives and Senior Managers

Diversity awareness and solid interpersonal skills are more necessary than ever. Jaffe Dickerson works with organizations to orient, train, and counsel executives and senior managers in a low-key, confidential setting. Jaffe can help upcoming leaders prepare for new responsibilities, polish interpersonal skills, improve awareness and sensitivity, and lay the foundation for professional relationships. Organizations enjoy the cultural and practical benefits of retaining valuable skills and knowledge, improving leadership, and supporting workplace diversity.

Board Development and Mandated Programs

Jaffe Dickerson can provide development programs to help organizations comply with the requirements of state licensing or professional bodies. These may include state-mandated sexual harassment training; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training; as well as training on performance management and the prevention of workplace violence.

When training programs like this are required, it helps to hire someone who understands the legal, compliance, and cultural implications for your organization. Jaffe has spent his career specializing in labor and employment law and has worked with both large and small employers. He is especially experienced and knowledgeable in working with nonprofits and educational entities—including educational nonprofits, Head Start grantees and delegates, and higher education institutions.