Jaffe Dickerson has provided legal advising and representation for public and private nonprofit organizations for nearly three decades. He is keenly aware of the economic and cultural challenges nonprofits face, as well as the changing environment in which they operate.

Part-Time General Counsel

Jaffe provides the highest levels of service to nonprofits, while acknowledging his clients’ limited resources and value to the community. His services include not only filings and legal representation but also consultation, strategic advising, reporting, and mediation, if needed. Depending on an organization’s needs, he can serve as a fractional, on-call General Counsel, with the ability to step in on any issue, contribute to board activities, and oversee required training for board members and staff.

Planning to Meet Your Mission

As a legal advisor or part-time GC, Jaffe can also support nonprofit development and planning. This can include strategies for cultivating philanthropic relationships, partnering with other nonprofit services, and educating supporters about planned giving.

Much of Jaffe’s advising is geared toward helping nonprofits find and mobilize alternative revenue streams by leveraging resources they already have. This might include assessing the use and marketability of existing assets, facilities, or capabilities, or coordinating secondary uses of assets such as property or signs.