Mediation is an important form of alternative dispute resolution. Jaffe Dickerson Legal and Consulting provides legal mediation for clients in a variety of matters, simple and complex.

Why Seek Mediation?

In mediation, parties in a dispute come together with legal guidance to work on resolving their conflict out of court. Mediation saves everyone the time, energy, and uncertainty of litigation, since even the simplest lawsuit comes with risks and costs. A well-led mediation has the potential to resolve complex issues in a fraction of the time and resources required for litigation.

Mediation differs from arbitration in that outcomes are generally not binding. However, where arbitration is required, mediation can be used as an initial step to explore the conflict confidentially and shorten the time in actual arbitration.

Helping You Get to Yes

The key to successful mediation is focus and purpose. When parties agree to come together out of court to resolve a dispute, Jaffe makes it his goal to work toward a resolution that is as positive as it can be for everyone involved.

Jaffe is comfortable in any role in mediation: either serving as a third-party mediator or representing a client at the table. He believes in mediation because he has seen it succeed—helping people get past the emotion of the dispute and reach a point where all parties can say “Yes” to the next steps.