Jaffe Dickerson has spent his career as a specialist in labor and employment law, advising and representing diverse companies. With his years of deep experience in the field, Jaffe is a sought-after provider of fact-finding and workplace investigations for clients facing a variety of complex circumstances.

Led by Experience

Jaffe’s legal investigations are prompt, discreet, and thorough. Whether engaged by an employer or by counsel, his approach exemplifies the highest standards of quality and ethics in legal investigation and fact-finding.

Jaffe is experienced and knowledgeable not only in legal investigative techniques but also in the regulations and principles that drive investigations. In addition to investigation or fact-finding for employers, he also provides investigative services for educational entities, especially higher education. This includes compliance investigations (including Title IX) as well as faculty and academic affairs investigations. 

Quality Investigations with Rapid Results

In all workplace investigations, time is of the essence and clarity is vital. Jaffe provides rapid reporting on fact-finding and investigations without sacrificing quality. His methodology is level-headed and his reports provide clear, no-nonsense findings. Jaffe always aims to maximize his clients’ investment by delivering concrete, realistic guidance that points to sensible, cost-effective options for resolution.